'Skill without Imagination is Craftsmanship and gives us                   many useful objects such as wickerwork picnic baskets.

Imagination without Skill gives us modern art'.

Tom Stoppard, Playwright.


       'Anything great is long in the making'.      

Lao Zi.


       'Never forget that only dead fish swim with the stream'. 

  Malcolm Muggeridge *  


     ' Heaven's net is indeed vast. Though it's meshes are wide,

      it misses nothing'.                                 

Lao Zi


     'Time is a river, the restless flow of all created things. One           thing no sooner comes in sight than it is hurried past and               another is borne along, only to be swept away in its turn'          

Marcus Aurelius,   121-180 A.D.    'Meditations'


* I am unsure if this is original to Muggeridge; there is an alternative version:  'Dead fish float downstream, live fish swim against the current'. 
Perhaps its origin is traditional, but that is only my speculation. A.P. 






(The acrylic painting 'The Paradise Garden' (above) is available as a signed, framed, Gicleprint. Image size 75x 100cm)

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There is only one critic you can depend upon, and that is time.